Key Staff

Our senior team offer a diverse blend of expertise. Over 60 years combined experience of working with, or in, the pharmaceutical industry is backed up by a powerful blend of marketing, statistical, editorial, regulatory and academic capability. Supported by our talented and enthusiastic writers, this mixture gives us the ability to rise to any challenge with innovative, effective and practical solutions.


Dr Barry Rodgers-Gray (Managing Director)

Barry has been with Strategen since 2002. Starting as a medical writer he rapidly rose to Deputy Managing Director on the basis of his ability to help clients identify and prioritise their needs, and then provide them with imaginative, targeted and effective solutions. His combination of strategic acumen coupled with his ability to identify what needs to be communicated, to whom, and how this can be achieved, mean that Barry is always in demand by his large number of long-term clients. Outside the office, Barry can usually be found enjoying time with his family, preferably with a good book close at hand.


Dr John Fullarton

John has been involved in the pharmaceutical industry for over 30 years, typically using his IT and statistical expertise to provide bespoke, specialist resources and insight. This has included the development of web-based audit tools, customisable budget impact models, analysis data for publications, development of disease scoring systems and research into key drivers of behaviour using our powerful proprietary Decision Research® methodology, which John developed. He has worked with Strategen since the company’s inception and has been a full time member of the team for over a decade. Away from the computer screen, John enjoys hurling himself down mountains on skis and stargazing, although he does prefer to keep the two separate.


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