Scot Buchan Testimonial

This is a testimonial to the previous Managing Director and founder, Scot Buchan. Scot had a passion for the pharmaceutical industry ever since studying pharmacology at Leeds University. He had an appetite to succeed in the industry and decided to set up Strategen, a medical communications company in 1995, following 20 years in sales and senior marketing positions. With his wealth of experience from both sides of the agency/industry divide, Scot provided clear and concise strategic insight into the challenges of marketing pharmaceuticals in the modern NHS and beyond.

Scot had a positive relationship with everyone that he met, whether they were clients, key opinion leaders or someone at the pub. Wherever he went, he made his mark and this positive relationship was the foundation for a great working life and buoyant working environment at Strategen.

Scot Buchan continually adhered to the companies’ mission statement, which was if something is not 100% right, then it is wrong. Today this is still upheld within the company. Scot skilfully controlled the company from its humble beginning, until 18th August 2018 when he sadly passed away just before he planned to retire.

Scot built a legacy at Strategen to offer a full range of medical education and communications services that exceeded client’s expectations. The company has been doing this successfully for over 20 years and will continue to do this.

Scot leaves behind a wife and two boys who all remain heavily involved in the company and will continue the family feel that is personified throughout the company. Along with them, all who met Scot will miss him and agree that the pharmaceutical industry will not be the same with him gone. For all that worked with Scot previously and have any general enquiries please email

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